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Juices vs. Smoothies

So what is the deal here? Are we suppose to juice or are we suppose to blend?


There can be room for both of these methods in your diet. If you are looking for a quick energy boost, juice may be the right choice. The pulp is separated from the fruits and veggies when you juice leaving the soluble fiber. This fiber gives your bloodstream a quick zap of nutrients!

Another reason you may go for a juice instead of a smoothie is to get nutrients you may feel your diet is lacking. Juice is very nutrient dense meaning there can be up to 2-4 pounds of produce per juice (depending on where you get your juice)! That is a lot of nutrients packed into a bottle, sounds pretty magical to me.


Smoothies are ideal when you want to feel full longer. Insoluble fibers that are still available in smoothies slows down your digestion, causing your tummy to feel full. You still get nutrients although you would not be able to drink 2-4 pounds of produce (but if you do no judgment here).

Overall I wouldn’t discriminate against one or the other. Juices and smoothies both provide the nutrients that we need to feel energized throughout the day.

Skin tip: For those of you who may suffer from psoriasis or any autoimmune disease, I do not recommend drinking both a smoothie and a juice in one day. Natural sugar seems to be okay with my skin, but too much of it can cause inflammation which is a hard pass for us!