About me

Why is nutrition important to me? Well, I’ve had an autoimmune disease, psoriasis, since 7th grade. It’s been in and out of my life. There have been times when it felt like my body was covered head to toe (which can be wildly frustrating). I don’t love being vulnerable, I mean who does? But I think it’s important to be able to connect with people and show them I’ve been there. 


Aside from viewing food as medicine for my skin I also view food as energy for life and my athletic performance. Everyone at the professional level is athletic and strong (shocking). My eating habits help enhance my performance. I know this because I can physically feel the difference in those last couple sprints of a workout or game (you’re either flying or dragging).


Focusing on my skin and my performance is a balancing game! I’m not perfect, but I have learned a few things. I've been studying a holistic approach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition for about a year now. I’ll be sharing my education and experience through my website. Follow along if you’re interested in these subjects!


I hope by sharing my experience and knowledge of nutrition it will help athletes and hosts of an auto-immune disease learn how to fuel there body.